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Tank strategy books


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Not sure what you mean. "Strategy" implies discussing how, on a theater level, an enemy can be defeated, which is pretty much guaranteed an all-encompassing topic covering economics, intelligence-gathering, logistics, inter-service and combined-arms combat, and here tanks are but a small (if potentially important) component.

"Tank" on the other hand implies discussion at the tactical, or possibly operational level.


In the Steel Beasts documents folder you'll find a Word document called TankSOP. It's a better starting point than most for understanding tactics from a tank-centric view. So, that would be my recommendation. Historically, two influential books were translated to English, Guderian's "Die Panzerwaffe" and Rommel's "Panzer greifen an". They deal with the very basics or armored doctrine (talking to an audience for which tanks were still a new development, without an established doctrine). Probably out of print today but maybe they can still be found on Amazon Marketplaces or something. Basil Lidell-Hart was an influential armor theoretician around the 1950s. I bet there must be good books from Soviet authors, but I don't know them. Maybe Jarvs as a recommendation here.

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10 hours ago, bloodycut said:

Ok thanks for these recommendations


Remember these are strategy books.


If you want tactical employment information (what to do with them on the battlefield) then sure:


3 hours ago, Mirzayev said:

For doctrinal stuff, ATP 3-20.15, Tank Platoon. 


If you can master that, you are gonna be quite formidable tactically. 


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21 hours ago, Ssnake said:

No, a Fiat 500 (traditional model "cinquecento"), as fas as I can tell. All of Italy fit into this one car. Don't know if it is this car in particular - but it's white, so it may be the one.


Yes your right, I forgot there´s the newer version cinquecento (500 In Italian). Thank you Ssnake, picture was a bit small and I am getting old! I wont make the joke of how to fit all of Italy In a 600 just In case 😁 But I prefer the original classic 600 which Is from my and my parents era.  You could basically fix that thing with a piece of wire and some Bazooka gum If needed! It fits the "they don´t make them like they use to" saying. Oh and that thing was more economic then a gas lighter (depending on how much of a smoker one Is)!  Good memories and they still make heads turn when seen on a road. A true European classic for those who never been to Europe.


Anywho´s sorry for the derailment here!

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I agree. I can't find a decent modern book either. There are books with good historical accuracy, but they are usually very difficult to follow. I'm not a writer myself, of course. The point of a good text is that the reader can find solutions to their problems or questions, get important or interesting information, and be entertained or think. I turned to a medical editing service when I needed to write something like that for my studies and work. Getting quality text can come in handy in many areas of life, whether you are writing a medical school application, a motivational letter for a job, or publishing a book.

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