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Recommended "Internet Speed" for MP?


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I will be playing from a new apartment in the future and only have the "mobile internet" option there. Is the following enough to play MP:


75 Mbit/s (max. download speed)

15 Mbit/s (max. upload speed)


Thank you very much!

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2 minutes ago, Ssnake said:

That's more than enough.


Super, thank you, that's all I needed to know to sign the contract. I do not play any other game online... :)

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Its also not all about speed , its also of how many packets you lose aka how stable your connection is , and how much latency you got.


We have a few that play with WIFI regularly and it works ok, but we have also seen guys with a WIFI connection that just keep disconnecting.

SO the recommendation from me is absolutely to have it with cable if at all possible

So good luck

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It's all true, but SB Pro can handle long latencies comparatively well. Likewise it can be frugal with bandwidth usage. 10..15 MBit uplink bandwidth is also sufficient to host smaller network sessions (such as with seven other players, without a PE game server).

Diving too deep into the technical details can result in analysis paralysis. In all likelihood it's going to be just fine. Besides, recommending cable connections when none are available will only create anxiousness without solving anything.

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Hello again and thank you all for the information!


Cable connection is not available at my new apartment/house, so the only option is "mobile internet" anyway. But yes, I have chosen the best (and most expensive, lol) provider to get a stable connection for playing it in MP.

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