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In game video

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Well, there's the XBox Game Bar which comes with Windows 10/11. Since you can't get rid of it anyway, you may just as well use it. OBS Studio is open source and also free, a lot of Twitch streamers seem to like it ... but the UI is, well, open source-ish, and there's no video editing function included. Then there's Bandicam; costs a few bucks if you want to get rid of the otherwise permanent Bandicam watermark in all your recordings. Like OBS, no editing functions included. NVidia includes the GeForce Experience with their drivers.

I'm using FRAPS, mostly because I paid for it years ago, and you can record at the highest quality settings and fixed framerates ... at the expense of humungous file sizes (which, of course, you reduce later when exporting it into a video format of choice).

All in all, I suppose I would want to try out the XBox Game Bar option first, simply because it's there, not too bad, and it's free. If you then find out that there is a severe deficit in its functionality, I guess you could try out one of the others and see if they are (much) better. But then you will probably have to get yourself some video editing software in addition. Something like Corel VideoStudio isn't half bad, as long as you don't intend to mix too many video sources, because it's capped to one or two CPU cores in the encoding process. But as long as you just want to trim the video a bit without elevated demands for cutting accurately on a per-frame basis etc., I suppose the simple solutions are not just adequate but preferable since you won't have to spend too much time learning a the GUI of something like Adobe Premiere with its gazillion options.

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I have used both Shadowplay and ReLive for Nvidia and AMD GPU's respectively. They are both free,  and  i find both to be reliable, user friendly and generally adequate (you use this to record the gameplay).

For encoding i use Shotcut, its free, powerful, and easy to use  if you just want to drag n drop files and hit go. Seems like a powerful bit of software if you want to get fancy with transitions and other editing magic, but with the resultant learning curve being steeper (you use this to 'encode' the video, which makes the file smaller and suitable to upload to youtube etc).

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I use Nvidia Shadowplay for all of my videos that go into editing. I run with 2x audio channels (system sound and voice recording) so I can edit the audio separately. This makes your videos salvageable if you end up not setting up the levels properly, etc. 


OBS works great for live streaming. I use this every Sunday for Kanium.


Use the right tool for the job. 

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Personally I use...


Screen capture/Streaming:

- Gecata.



- Debut.



For video editing/export:

- Movavi Video Editor Plus



DaVinci Resolve Is great and a very powerful app but you have to know what your doing, as the likes of Sony Vegas.

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