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I did buy SB PPE a looong time ago.

Then I was in the beta test team when SBPPE 2.5(?) was released so I had a time-limited licence for the beta testing. I stopped for several years and now I'm looking to restart doing the mobile human target in SB.


To sum up, I have the CM Stick, without a valid license. The webAdmin tool says that I have one beta invalid licence, and 1x2.5+ 1x3.0 licence.

Should I buy the upgrade licence ? The full licence looks overkill as it includes the purchase of the CM Stick that I already have...


Thanks !


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That's why our web shop offers upgrade licenses. If you have a 3.0 license, you may upgrade to the latest version for $64, here:




There is, of course, also the option to bypass all upgrades and to switch to time-based licenses instead. Both options have their advantages, here's a thread that lists them all:


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Thanks !

I managed to start SB, by removing the beta version I still had installed and by reinstalling the 3.028 version (I was able to check on my USB stick that, appart from the outdated beta key, I still had the permanent keys I had purchased).

So indeed I have a 3.0 valid license to upgrade from. :)

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