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Bug report - Jaguar 1A3 not engaging enemies


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Jaguar 1A3 is having really hard time shooting at targets.

Tried on an open field and only managed to get the Jaguars to fire their missiles at enemy tank was when they were completing a move-order, engage or assault. If they were stationary to begin with they did not engage targets even if they had seen them previously while completing the said move-order.

Even when shooting it took them 30s to open fire and sometimes they'd just jiggle their gun up and down. Sometimes they would suppress with their machineguns and sometimes they wouldn't. They'd often have harder time killing the 3rd tank in a platoon than the first two.

Game version


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Congratulations you do appear to have found some bugs. There was however an issue in your test scenario with the trees. They seem reluctant to fire anywhere near the trees around the targets. When I moved the scenario to a flat open map things went smoother. Also I'm not sure they like that close of range. When I moved the targets further out on the flat map they seemed less reluctant still to fire. Also the Jaguars are on a stay tactic. They did better on a hold tactic.


The bugs I did find from this though are:-


  1. In a platoon they are more reluctant to fire than individually.
  2. As a platoon only one vehicle is firing.
  3. Even as individuals not every vehicle is firing.


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I noticed a particularly odd behavior related to this issue: If you turn on time acceleration in the attached scenario it won't automatically switch back to normal speed until the (blind) enemy tanks are a few meters from the blue ATGM vehicles even though the enemy tanks have been in clear line-of-sight long before that, as if the blue vehicles don't properly "see" the enemy tanks until they're at point blank range,




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You ran this in test mode?

There the time acceleration can be forced despite LOS between hostile parties. And firing guided missiles in time acceleration messes the guidance up, so that might explain why nobody's firing. Let me know what problems you find in non-accelerated mode/when not in test mode...

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There were some issues with certain ATGM carriers in 4.2;  in 4.3 scenario works as intended and all targets are getting destroyed at 1500-2600meters range. Also note, that 'Hold' tactics is very restrictive and might prevent AI from engaging  known enemy target, if this requires  moving  away from current location.

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