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I've been running windows 11 for a few months now on my Asus Rog strix G15 laptop. I'm having frequent BSOD's. Especially when using the keys to change performance mode. It just freezes and crashes. Never had it with W10. Very frustrating. Using the latest drivers for everything, because it probably is driver related. Just my 2ct.

No problems with SB though. 

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prompts to upgrade to windows 11 about once a month or so, at least a 6 GB update. after installing DCS and several modules, i am running out of disc space, about 60 GB free- assuming upgrade to windows 11, i do not think i have enough space to re-install steel beasts, at least not with the map packages and utilities. eventually the upgrade to windows 11 will not be an option once microsoft unceremoniously dumps support for windows 10. once that happens, windows 12 will be somewhere around the corner

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