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Kanium Sunday 29th of May "Poland Is Not Yet Lost!" by Apocalypse

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9 hours ago, Major duck said:

Welcome @Simcoe and @Wallross

Have you been through our setup session with TS3 setup, SB check and mappack install and expectation's etc...
Ping me on either Tanksim or Kanium Discord to get installed as if you show up 15 mins before game time it will be to late if you don't catch me i will be on 1 hour before game time start on Sunday on Kanium TS 3

I think i or Lumi have done @Lusik otherwise the same will apply to you.

So somehow make sure that you are setup as the 20+ players hopefully will not wait for you.
I will be at my computer later tonight and tomorrow so if you haven't done the process catch Me, Lumi or Nike-Ajax


Best regards

I've been playing the impromptu stuff with Lumi, so I'll ask him to run me through the neccesary checks. I've used TS3 before so that's fine. The Chrisreb map's I still need to install however. I'll give you a ping when I see you online and have a moment, cheers.

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12 hours ago, Major duck said:

Year i am getting old and as i don't write down who has gone through i sometimes ask twice 
Sorry my bad



No worries. :) It was a crowd compared to other sessions I played and furthermore I was in a fairly quiet sector most of the time. 

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@Mirzayev  Assassin might be down for tonight ... remains to be seen. Will advice when I know more
@Major duck Can you host tonights sessions if needed?



1) @Badger and @Higgs Prepare to assume command as PLT DLR and PLT SGT
2) @Wallross Prepared to be reallocated. Question: Do you feel confident enough to assume control of your own Tank ?

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