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Hype Thread - 2022

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Woehoee! Almost patch time! Moar (armed) drones! Maybe towed artillery. More RWS turrets, more ATGM's more and bigger explosions. Merkava Mk3? Better air burst munition effects on target. Blood? Screaming infantry? Escaping, wounded crew, staggering, screaming in agony and collapsing meters away from their vehicle only to be killed by the detonation of ammo. 
Better helicopter flight model? Who knows what the EsimGods will give us. 😁

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EDITED : Well what sounds very likely from the various hints we had until now is : 

Possible :

- camcopter

- loitering drones

- drone countering drones

- attack drones

- T72B3 m.2012

- M109 CP

- M60A3

- BTR-82AT

- Leopard 2A6MA2




- BTR-82 [playable]

- BTR-82A [playable]

- Grkpbv 90 Mjölnir, 120mm twin-barrel mortar with semi-automatic loader
- Suppress tactics behavior has been improved

- heat blur effects

STRIX round

- Multiple level of burned out vehicles




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7 hours ago, Apocalypse 31 said:

Already in game, my dude...



I think if you're within a few yards of these ladies, they should have a script to walk up to your track and say, "That's an awful big gun, honey..."


Please just a temporary ban.

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19 hours ago, Ssnake said:

Realistically, first week of July. We'll start offering 4.3 licenses next week in the web shop, so that you can start immediately after downloading. Also, first official videos next week.

Will 4.1 to 4.3 be a paid for upgrade? Just so that I know to put dough aside for it if it is.

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2 hours ago, Ssnake said:

Yes, 4.1 was in 2019, 4.0 in 2016, 3.0 in 2013. Looks like we're on a three-year schedule now.

How much for a license upgrade from 4.2 to 4.3? 


I need to see how my finances are to calculate the impact(conversion rate, which is a b***, and taxes on the conversion + tax for international purchase) heh! I have been a faithful client of esimgames since 2007 and bought them all as soon as they came(or when I could afford). So not going to start now in skipping versions hahaha

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42 minutes ago, Ssnake said:

Upgrade prices shall be

$40.- from version 4.1
$70.- from version 4.0
$95.- from version 3.0 and older



What about from 4.2? 😕


Ah..NM. I see you're referencing from the last paid upgrade version. Thought for a moment I'd slipped into a time warp or something.

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Expect a video every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from now on, and then some extras in between.

I'm going to try out the Youtube "#shorts" format which dictates vertical video. Please bear with me - but maybe it's going to attract a few new players, who knows. At least, those videos will be short.

Also, some content simply clashes with our inner verticality, so don't abandon all hope, yet.



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Last chance to buy version 4.1 licenses today ;), the web shop will switch to 4.3 within the next 24 hours. Also, today's video will probably not inspire hype at all (the audience for it are people not familiar with SB Pro), but then again, three videos a week for four weeks isn't such a bad thing either. Share them on Discord, or the Great Satan (Facebook) or Twitter if that's more to your liking, so I don't have to touch these. ;) 

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