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Hype Thread - 2022

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This is awesome! Thank You for staying true to this title!


My favorites are the trenches. Have been hoping for these for a long time! Did even hear some people on other forums for other titles or on other topics keep saying, they were obsolete, lol. In fact, most titles don't feature them, probably due to the challenges regarding a proper implementation.

Infantry has improved a lot over the years in SBPro. I remember, when we heard, there was a former Seargant joining the team for improving this part of the simulation. And look how far it went, love it. :)


I have a question, please. Will the AI in 4.3 now be able to call for those new rocket and mortar systems?




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All of them, but of course the Dragon shows the effect more dramatically than all others, by nature of its bizarre guidance/propulsion concept. I'd like to improve on it further, but that's probably going to require a disproportionate amount of programmer time, and "now" certainly isn't the time for that.

Still better than what was before.

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