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Is anyone going to Open Heath in Oksbøl this year?


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If you do, how about meeting up?


I will be there as part of the GHRVPK contingent.


It has been nice meeting Grenny at the last 2 GHRVPK open houses and I think that it could be great to meet other Tanksimmers as well.


Open Heath (Åben Hede) will be in Oksbøl on 26/6-2022


Pictures from 2019







Happy Simming

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I would have been but i am called to work that weekend so i have to work all weekends in June and the first in Juli because of Tour the France. 


What a bummer i would really have liked to see the new Caesar and Piranha



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Ssnake, Hedgehog and Major Duck.


To bad. Sometimes life and work gets in the way. I will be recording video this year, so you will get to see and hear something.


I am busy with designing building a camera/soundrecorder platform that I wan't to use and I have started to late, but it just have to be finished, so I can bring it.



Will you be going as a part of the event or are you coming as a guest? I will arrive on Thursday and be there all weekend.


Happy Simming

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I will look forward to meeting you DK-DDAM.


To make it easier to find each other I have sent a PM with my phonenumber to you.

I will be spending a lot of time filming and I hope to get a very good position for filming the main event.



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