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Will PE version remove the limitation on map size?


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2 hours ago, F.T said:

As a result, more memory can support larger maps.

I suspect if you are playing published scenarios you aren’t seeing “full” maps.


Even without worrying about the military / classroom version, if you use the version you have, open the Mission Editor, create a new mission and select the largest sized map (i.e. drag the square as far as it will go) you’ll find that a scenario can already cover a lot of ground.

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Concur with what Gibsonm said. The 20 x 20 km maps are pretty big maps for BN and lower echelons. Anything bigger than that would require the player to devote substantially more time to the game to move their forces into their respective attack or assault positions from their start positions on one end of the map. (I can see a need for bigger maps to do multi-brigade or even division maneuvers, but I am not sure whether the game is meant for these unit sizes). Just like Gibsonm said, I would definitely try out scenarios that have 20 x 20 maps or create your own. Just the proverbial two cents of a SB novice. 

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