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4 hours ago, Ssnake said:

I'm not sure if I like the practice of dumping links without comment, or content, particularly not if it's done in serial fashion with hardly anyone ever responding.

I will add comment for the video situation where one has a "Ouch" while operating AFV's in the future if acceptable.

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Vid discription as requested:


Z tanks firing at targets, reciving incoming fire, and returning fire in current SMO ,


Another vid of tank with drone team work.


Village was taken, the grinding down cont' as per the SMO breifing.





Take aways.........oops, was that a concrete pole we just hit? :)

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Critical thinking skills
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I would think removing/replacing gears would be a easy fix if parts are carried, or in this case (reks ). I belive the smoothbore tubes are thin in compaired to rifled, neither is damage proof.


My concerns would be in the tube to FCS aligment, can't see hitting targets on first round now. It may be possibe that their system has this self repaire in the software (FSC).At any rate, it would be a visit to the tool monkeys for a look see and, then to the range to bore align the firing system to confirm.


 A experienced command (may) have a crew member ID"ing tube obstructions, forward would be the driver, if, the turret crew is facing their 6.


Tube interaction with trees is said to be a "thing"......so I'm told  :)

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