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Where is the ground textures


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Hi.. haven't posted anything in a long while.. but.. 


I figured out where most textures resides, but haven't found the basic ground cover ones.. and they are somewhat sad.. 😛 


And no I know that just scaling then to 2048 won't really help.. but photoshop + topaz really do.. In the process of modernizing Swedish dismounts with Kroppskydd 12.. 




But the basic ground texture really needs some improvements.. 

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15 hours ago, bergmania said:

Yeah I know that the kroppsskydd 12 really needs a new model.. as it bulks you up.. but it still looks kind of okay..  the Piranha V have to stand in for Patgb360.. 


We have the Patgb360 already in the game known as AMX-360 :)

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On 6/30/2022 at 7:46 PM, DK-DDAM said:

but kt its not a proper car... its still just a apc :P doesnt even have a proper cannon.. now cv9035 on the other hand is a beauty

Any Cv90 is a beauty .. compared to the above.. but sometimes you dont have a say in it.. :P


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