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Anti tank teams have no ammo

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Hello guys.

I am afraid that I am doing something wrong while editing, becouse as I put on the map an antitank team, select the quantity and type of ammo, on the groud they always appear with 0 ammo of machinegun!

What is wrong?

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Does the AT team have any rounds for their rifles? If you only gave them ammo for their RPGs or ATGMs, and 0 for the MG, it may show 0 rds for the MG until they pull out the technicals.

Sometimes I will place a BTR with only HMG rounds and no coax MG rounds, and it will sometimes show 0 rounds MG until it uses the HMG.

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I don't currently have an older version installed, but from memory:

the ATGM team will engage using ATGM weapons if anything armoured comes in range.

AGL teams do use their AGL once targets are in range.

HMG teams do use their HMG once targets are in range.

Rifle teams use their RPG if they aren't badly suppressed/taken too many casualties and an AFV is within range.

Most of the time they will equip themselves with their MG for close protection, and will only select their heavier weapons once a suitable target is in range and view.

If they have no MG ammunition then they may take Unknown 0|0 or MG 0|0 weapons while they wait for their target to enter their firing parameters.

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