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Long night of Tanks XI

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Final preperations as running for this event to take place on 182000Zapr09.

Just one request:

Is it possible to use des SB.com TS server for that night?

If yes, we can roll out our banner and video with the US-Ip.

(I need help from a ServerAdmin there, maybe some channels could be adjusted)



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I guess so.

What I understand so far is that shipping will start in about 2 weeks...add the sipping times to that and I think that not everybody will have the 2.4 handy on 18apr09.

(And I would have to check for the sce. again ...see what IFVs and tanks to use NOW...don't think it would work)

So, yes...we run it on the beta...

We have enough time to get everything done for LNoT XII



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It took me some time, but here we have the Force table(Blue) and duty roster for LNot XI.

I was not shure about the icon for a cav.-troop (like plattoon...3 dots?), so I left that blank.

We will be running a campaign this time...4(5) missions if all goes well.

Neither pure h2h nor coop really worked for implementing what I had in mind this time. So it will be a mix of the two.

Prolog will be played h2h...while at the following sce you will play in coops style..e facing me as "coordinator" for red (OPFOR) and as "TOC" ;-)

First mission will include the "cav.-squadron" as a patrol force and one tank company(+/-) as QRF. Cav. Co will be in overall command of the mission area. If anyone feels he wants to run that show...please contact me via pm, I'll send out the map for prep-reccon

I hope to see you in numbers!!







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Ok, 3 day + some hours left.

Co A for the 1st mission? anyone :-)

Sounds like a challenge.

I'm In, though this'll be the first time I'll be handling an Armoured Regiment.

How difficult is it likely to be?

A piece of cake? or "Not in the face!!"

Mind you if I do do this I'll be hiding in the backround letting my valient troops deal with the enemy. :)

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So, for everbody...and specially for Hedehog:

Map for "prolog" .sce will be "Salisbury Plains" from Grid 55 to 74 and 69 to 77.

You are in charge of 3 troops (6 veh. each(2x 3 tank plt)), heavy (M1A1), medium (M3A2) and light (AS-Lav). Your unit is deployed in the area of 58 78. 1 Mech Kompany (+/-) is on stand by in the area of grid 56 76. They are on NTM (1 mike) and can only be deployed if permission from TOC (tactical operations center) is given.

Your job will be to conduct 3 patrols. Checkpoints(CP) are at 660 764, 686 719, and 659 697.

Your are to spot and report any RED incursions into blue territory. If you find any RED patrol in the your AOR(area of responsibility), force them to fall back.

Once you reach your CP's, overwatch the border area. TOC wants to know if there are any fortification works or attack preparations going on.

Additional task: on the way to CP 686 719, you are to escort trucks with supplies from an

NGO(non government organisation) involved in rebuilding here. At the CP you are to establish contact with local police and town leaders.

ROE(rules of engagement): Military force can be used in self defense, or if your tasks can not be fullfilled otherwise. Only proportionate use of force is permitted!

Before opening fire on opposing forces, use warning shots first! If RED miliary patrols are found west of the border, a RED liasion officer can, and should be, contactet first...to avoid unneeded escalation.


Combat support: 1 plt of 155er is on stand by


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Can one request a map of this mission?

Would help with planning.

This "sketch" map about right?

Damn, sorry, made a mistake with the deployment areas...

it 58 72 and around 56 72....not 78,

The rest is correct

Again, sorry



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