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Current state of armor models in SB


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I may be wrong here. Is the situation below to be expected based on the most recent up to date knowledge?  Shot was from < 2000m. 


What is the armor package modeled in SB for the Leo-2A4. IIRC  what is popularly known as B-Tech  and C-Tech were the most common for the Leo-2A4. 


Perhaps we have D-Tech. 


Is D-Tech new inserts or is it comprised of C-Tech and Wedges?





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B-, C-, "D-Tech" ... I have no idea what your frame of reference is. Maybe it's something from War Thunder?

The User's Manual, part of your installation, contains a chapter on armor technology, to establish a basis for discussion.

That being said, the model in SB Pro is non-deterministic, and energy-based. While we try to establish high spatial resolution, certain special cases such as the edge effect that might play a dominating factor in this specific hit location (edge of the mantlet, vicinity of the coax MG bore hole), are only applied in aggregate form. Steel Beasts is not a tool to predict the exact outcomes of every possible projectile-armor interaction. It's supposed to educate users about the general chances of success when hitting/getting hit from certain directions.

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5 hours ago, Ssnake said:

Yeah, sorry, that stuff is still classified, leaked or not. You can't post that here.

The first half is fine, but I can remove only the whole post.



No issue. Rules are rules. 


I think my first image is informative enough. 


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