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resupplying drone ?


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Seems like I need to memorize this stuff better. I was wrong in what I wrote above.


Here's the real answer (ugh... 😦)


No, we can't treat drones like munitions, not even the attack ones. Each drone needs its unique identifier (internally, "Combatant ID") to which then a callsign gets auto-assigned (callsigns can be the same; may confuse human players, but not Steel Beasts). So, there are constellations where we can run out of these Combatant ID, so we can't simply create a new drone, and hope that there's enough name space to assign a new Combatant ID to it, then keep our fingers crossed.

So, recycling? No.

You may recall that major bug that we discovered around the release od version 4.1 that could result in duplicate Combatant IDs, and that we introduced (and then refined) in the Mission Debugger a tab that would list such cases in legacy scenarios. This was a really, really bad bug. Duplicate Combatant IDs are bad because you can no longer assign with certainty any kind of status change. Say, a loitering munition is used to attack a target and gets destroyed in the process. Then we create a new SB-600 for the launching unit with the same ID (by way of a simple reset), and you kill another target with it. Then the AAR could show only the first or the last entry of its use because the AAR cannot revive an already dead unit (because there's no simulation going on in the background, just playing back events).

This is why we recommend to make a large Sprite Container with 200 drones a party of its own, so you don't run out of Combatant IDs. Once that this happens, no more of those critters can be spawned even if only five of its 200 have been used.

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First of all, in general, as a player you really don't want drones to be resupplied. If you are using the drone, yes, that would be fantastic if it could be resupplied, but if you are on the opposing side, then no you suddenly realize that its a bad idea for the enemy to be able to resupply their drones, especially if that means an unlimited resupply of drones.


The only way a drone resupply could be handled would be if we had the ability to specify finite pools of ordnance and drones that is present in particular vehicles. Until that ever happens, no, it is good that you cannot resupply with infinite drones. 


We already have a problem with the unlimited ATGM resupply from vehicles (although usually the ATGM team doesn't live long enough to abuse this too much, although the Spike-LR is a significant problem when someone wants to use Spike missiles as a sort of probing blind-fire recon) - in which case the user should probably only give the Spike-LR ATGM team only 1x missile, so they have to go back to the vehicle each time to reload. 

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