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Pre-ordered but no email activation


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I placed a v4.3 pre-order on 5 July (I see a $43.80 charge on 5 July) and never got/missed the activation email links. Do those time out? Only after installing 4.3 and getting a failure message when attempting to run it did I realize I was supposed to activate my license (duh me).


Anyway, I'll contact Ssnake I guess. BTW, Ssnake's email link in the 'Online License Orders' page produces a "Not Found" page.


I'm off on vacation for a week with spotty wifi, so pardon my lack of communication from here on until I get back. Thanks in advance.




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Yeah, contact me or "Sales" --- and ideally, give me an alternate email address (different domain/email provider, e.g. Hotmail and Gmail) so that resending the license ticket won't run into the same spam filter and get swallowed without your knowledge.

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