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Cockpit Night Lighting T-72B3 [FIXED]


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Dear SB team. Please notice that the cockpit of T-72B3 has not the night lighting feature (a feature that I truly love to see for the units and something that I dreamed while using those old mods). I think is important because B3 has enhanced features to fight at night, like the better sight for the commander. Also -already reported- the arrow for the ammo count is not there. Maybe they crushed the little window and the arrow went KIA ☺️ 


Pics for reference and compare to the other/s T-72s




 I know more important bugs have to be killed before but please if you can add it to the list 👍 


ps: Also missing in BTR-82/A (has some kind of night capability but not as important that the T-72B3 for the eye candy at least for me) and BRDM-2 AT (maybe is not actually necessary having the "submarine" lighting... Sure don't operate at night, no sight)


ps2: M60A3 , Pizarro F2 and Leopard 2A6M2 night lighting working fine. Will keep testing other units...




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