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Map download fail


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So I downloaded and installed the "Steel Beasts Map Transfer Manager" and tried to install the new maps. I managed to download two (Kiev East 3627b1a9-a197-49e8-a738-59a0b49076b5; Kiev West 8fd98b23-f3b7-45b4-b704-326aabb3aedb) but the other ones keep failing at 1% download. Has anybody else encountered the same problem? Is there a way to fix it or to get the maps using an alternative?

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6 minutes ago, Higgs said:

I do have enough space on the disk. Could be the connection although I doubt it. I never had any troubles with it. Is there another way to get my hands on these maps? Or do I need to try until it works?

Wait for a few hours and try to download again. There is no other way to get them.

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The map server is hosted on Amazon Web Services, and we're paying them dearly, so at least the web infrastructure should be solid. I seem to remember that there was some logging with the Transfer Tools too, probably where all the other logs are.

Maybe there's an illuninating entry, somewhere.

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1 hour ago, Higgs said:

Okay so I managed to find a solution. For some reason, using a VPN fixes the issue. I don't know why but for me it works perfectly now.

Well, good you found a solution. Seems when I have a problem, I'm the only one reporting it, too.  I end up feeling a bit dumb and a bit foolish.  Very glad you reported your issue and then the discovery of a workaround. 

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