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Infantry Problem


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1. A single enemy soldier in a building is unable to be killed by assaulting troops.

Setting the assaulting troops to the same level had no effect. They do not see the enemy.

This affects the control logic Event requiring zero enemy troops in the objective.




The enemy soldier



Played the scenario again, and an enemy soldier in the church is not detected.





Enemy soldier is not visible. Just his call sign.






Second Problem:  The enemy soldier does not exit the fully burning building.

                              Friendly troops outside the burning building.




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Can you upload the scenario (hopefully its a simplified test scenario) where you see this? What I mean is, we don't want a full blown scenario that you have to play for so much time before this happens, rather, a simple test scenario where this happens right away.


The thing is, if a guy is laying on the ground in that building, and not at  window, then he is not occupying the "troop position" and so is not considered to be inside the building. 


At least two of those issues is probably the same cause -- that fire should kick out the troop on that troop position, and should not allow other troops to enter.

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Replaced scenario in 4.1 Single Player Scenarios  - Platoon in the Download section.



  • You have to download the map package as well. CONNAUGH - JUNO BEACH.ZIP

Action in scenario is immediate. No large scale movement.

Set the 5 M60 tanks to blast with heat, send in the infantry after they disembark.

Message that the town is captured will be generated if no enemy are present.

Thank you,




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I think I had that issue happen in previous versions, where a lone OPFOR soldier bunkering down in a building would be able to take down several squads of my infantrymen (and tanks if he had a RPG-7 with him). When I sent squads of infantry to assault the building, they either refuse to enter the building because they didn't think there was anyone there (and then be destroyed outside the building by that OPFOR soldier) or if they went in, the lone OPFOR soldier would just have a field day as my assaulting infantrymen are completely clueless as to his presence.  But it seems that this issue only appeared once in a while and not regularly/frequently, so I am not sure if I pressed the right (or wrong) buttons to cause this kind of result. 

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"A solution" that scenario designers can use:


Set troops in urban environments to surrender after a certain percentage of accrued casualties. This still has the effect of requiring the player to properly clear an urban environment, but it avoids the frustration of having to play 'Where's Waldo' for 10 minutes after successfully neutralizing resistance... except for that one guy who is causing the victory condition to not activate. 

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Yes, good point - "Surrender if..." conditions should be used most of the time. One thing I like to do too is you can make it random as well, if you don't want to happen all the time. But in this particular case, in that above scenario, maybe you want the defenders to surrender if the infantry units in that area drop to a strength of < 2. 

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I had noticed something similar in which a OPFOR single infantryman (in each case) had occupied three different buildings and was undetectable by friendly forces going in circles outside looking for them.  Since I was in test mode, I hopped over and found them laying on the floor in the middle of the building.  I went ahead and added surrender conditions, but it was an odd thing to find.

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