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Better sabot worse at killing BMP-1


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I use the M1P for my scenarios, with a full loadout of M900 Ammo..I see that it now takes up to 7 of those rounds to kill a BMP1..Has something changed that i don't know about?? It takes a max of 3 to kill T-64B/62/55AM's..I have tried heat and mpat just to see every round fall short or over shoot the targets..The damage model needs some work as the vehicle fires prevent me from seeing the damage..All of my scenarios are in low light to dark vision..

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Sabot rounds, especially those with high length-to-diameter ratio, are notoriously inconsistent with lightly armored vehicles. That's why the AI commander will order the use of HEAT. That's why there are different ammunition types for tank cannons in the first place.

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