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New Eagle IV


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Ok, so I figured one of my first skinning projects with the new 4.357+ would be to re-do my Bundeswehr scheme for the new Eagle IV model.


(Why there's never been one included is a mystery to me, but I suppose there are reasons.)


First I noticed the newer 4.357 models get higher-resolution textures. Nice. Lots of real estate for detail.

Then as I got into this project I noticed ... Every. Single. Bolt. on the crew cab of this vehicle is modeled and textured individually. And I'm like, What the actual f**k? Some will be green. Some will be brown. Some will be black. But which ones are which?


<scratches head>


Maybe the author has a secret location key, and willing to share?

So, long story short, I guess this might take a little longer than I thought. 😳



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well i can tell you when i paint i dont paint it by hand.. i use a 3d painting program called 3dcoat, to paint my mask on... but i will be doing a german one once im done with other projects. sorry splash but noice job

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Yeah, a little late for that now. 🤣


Probably true I would have found it confusing. I struggled quite a bit with Roguesnake's templates initially ... but that was due primarily to me being a self-taught hobbyist at this stuff.


This was a bit of a nightmare, no lie. It was simple enough to convert the stock all-green version into something I could paint camo layers underneath, and I have a pretty good eye for mentally unwrapping corresponding shapes on a texture to locate the various structures on the model ... but when I ran into the need to individually find and paint dozens of identical bolts -- I just about dropped the project.


Then, obsession with it got the better of me.  🙄   I like the way it turned out. It's certainly good enough for the interim.  But I think I'll call it done and move on.  

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