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Question - Leopard Variant Thermals

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Played some instant action with the Strv 122. It appears to me that the thermals from the GPS now doesn't fully focus at longer ranges. Is this intentional for all Leopard variants?




Using auto-adjust doesn't help, and even maxing out the focus doesn't make targets at ranges past 1000+ meters clearly visible. 


From what I can tell, this seems to affect ALL Leopard variants with thermals.


Leopard 1A5 on the tank range:




View from a Leopardo 2E at a similar range, also on the tank range:




I know the TIM has always been modeled with better thermals than the Leopard's GPS, but 4.3 seems to have massively degraded how effective the GPS thermals are. Just wondering if this is more "true" to real life.

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I can also confirm this from my experience as a shooting instructor Leo1 and Leo2 and as a former commander of a Leo2 battalion. In the screenshots of Mirzayev you can see the trees much more clearly than the target: the quality has gotten worse!

In addition, the range scale is reduced in the GAS of Leo2A4 to Leo2A6 in contrast to the Leo1A5 and Leo2A6MA.

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