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Of course we all look forward to, and are thankful for, upgrade improvements ... but for some they can come as a kick to the nuts. I hope your hard work isn't all for naught.

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My remark wasn't meant as a comment on the longevity of the proposed mod, just as a snarky reply so someone who wanted to see a sound mod. ;)



That being out of the way, as much as we'd love to give guarantees for mod longevity, the consequences of such policy would have serious implications elsewhere. It would mean that we'd have to freeze our own artwork after first release and never touch it again:



Don't think anyone would want to stick with that. Same goes for sounds. Maybe the difference is less obvious, but it is there.

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Absolutely. No one wishes for SBProPE to remain stagnant -- visually or aurally -- out of deference to modders. After all, modders, I think, generally aim to offer improvements where they think improvements are warranted. Indeed it seems there is agreement that certain sound improvements were warranted, as from the Release Notes it appears changes are coming that mirror what Ruki has been working on for all these many months.


What I was saying, in case there was any miscommunication, was that I empathize with seeing a longterm project rendered moot before it's even shared.


I think a lot of us are still interested in what Ruki is doing, so I hope it sees a release anyway -- and users can choose whether they think it enhances their experience or not.

Likewise, the prospect of eSim upgrading a model for which I did a vehicle texture isn't going to discourage me from continuing to make vehicle textures I'd like to see in-game. Just hopefully the timing won't jerk the rug out from under me. 😏

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