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Nato Symbology Cheat Sheet


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Found a German manual with many pictures including tactical unit symbols of all the vehicles. Official manual has no picture references at all? Anyways, i am lucky with my language skills and made a sheet on my own. 
Source: http://www.esimgames.com/downloads/SB Pro Benutzerhandbuch.pdf

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If you want some English translations, based on the symbology (by row - left to right)


Mechanised Infantry (mounted in Infantry Fighting Vehicle - Bradley / BMP/ Marder / Warrior)


Mechanised Infantry (mounted in Armoured Personnel Carrier - tracked - M113 / BTR50)


Mechanised Infantry (mounted in Armoured Personnel Carrier - wheeled - Fuchs / BTR80)




Armoured Anti Armour (say M901 ITV)


Unarmoured Anti Armour (say BRDM AT)


FO vehicle


Armoured Reconnaissance (tracked say M3 Bradley)


Armoured Reconnaissance (wheeled say ASLAV)


Unarmoured Reconnaissance (wheeled say HMMWV or BRDM 2)


Atk Helo - rotors coloured in


Tpt Helo (not shown) - rotors not coloured in


Tank with Plough (angled)


Tank with Roller (90 degree)






Armoured Engineers


Armoured Ambulance (say M113 (A))


Destroyed Tank


Destroyed IFV


Destroyed APC


Destroyed Truck


Destroyed Atk Helo


Then the same for red units



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