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Frequency of paid upgrades?


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Hey there!


Please don't attack me for bringing up the price up once again. You see, I had already consolidated my mind with the steep price, especially since I am currently trying the 10 euro trial version of the game, and I am enjoying it greatly.

Only then I discovered that there are costly upgrades for every x.x00 version. Now, I have no general issue with that, and I do get the idea behind that. After all, it is like having a DLC. However, the engine upgrades for Combat Mission games are about 10 euro; they are generally huge; and they only come out twice a decade.


So what's the deal with Steel Beasts?


1. How often do premium upgrades happen? Every year or twice a year?

2. Am I correct to understand that every x.x00 version needs to be paid for? Why then is there only the option to upgrade from 4.1 to 4.3 but not from 4.2 to 4.3?

3. Is an update from x.0 to x.0 more than 30 euro?


Thank you very much for taking your time reading this!




PS: While I am on the topic,


I feel urged to point to the current insane inflation. Also, 115 euro (1 dollar = 1 euro by now) is much more than 115 dollar when considering how much you can pay for 115 euro. Let alone people in Turkey or Spain who are even more fucked by the worthlessness of their money. Maybe some soft regional prices would be an idea?


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About once every three years, these days. Used to be every other year, but the pattern is stable

2013: 3.0

2016: 4.0

2019: 4.1

2022: 4.3



No, there is no specific connection between version numbers and the question whether we charge for it.  The question is more like, have we accumulated enough substantial feature improvements to justify a paid upgrade. As it happens, this seems to take three years in the last decade. version 2.2 came out - for $125.- - in 2006; 2009 there was the 2.4 upgrade, 2010 2.5, then 2.6 in 2012; the pricing for these upgrades was variable, so overall I don't think that the cost per year actually changed much.



The price for an upgrade seems to have settled on $40, at least since version 3.0



Note that the cost of a classic license of Steel Beasts has actually gone down a bit over the last 16 years, rather than up. We have no control over foreign currencies and the exchange rates.

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Thank you very much Ssnake! That sums it up clearly!

I think I can live with paying 40 euro every 3 years.

Gonna buy me this game as an early Christmas gift as soon as I have reconsolidated my financial situation after taking a 3 week vacation (ouch!).


39 minutes ago, Ssnake said:

We have no control over foreign currencies and the exchange rates.


That is rather unfortunate.

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