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CM stick error issue


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Having updated to 4.3 i get license error when i try to start. i have updated the CM stick and firmware yet the Esimgames product, on the webadmin, key just reads 0. not sure what i try next? any pointers? thanks


I uninstalled 4.3 and reinstalled 4.259 and it worked as it should, uninstalled 4.2 reinstalled 4.3 and got a license activation error.  

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To be honest, I don't really understand what you're describing. It might be best if you sent me an email, and illustrated your observations with screenshots. Knowing your license ticket code (shouldn't be posted here in the forum) is likely to help a lot. Also, if you'd send a CmDUST log file (In the Start Menu | CodeMeter | Tools program folder is a tool named "CmDUST" run it. It will open a Windows Explorer window at the end containing the log file. Attach it to your email to me, please).

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