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Q. on moving troops into trenches...


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On this mission I just downloaded. I ordered troops to move forward to the trenches, but not all of them moved into the trench in a tactical position. Some laid next to it, some in, some in halfway. (Action started almost immediately, wish the troops would have started in the trenches from the get-go, ordered that in the plan and same problem.)


Is there a way to order troops to "mount" the trenches so they get in, get tactical, and stay in?  Thx.



Desktop Screenshot 2022.09.09 -

Desktop Screenshot 2022.09.09 -

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Also, if an infantry units starts on top of a trench then you may have issues with them getting into it (similar to if you place a vehicle right on top of a vehicle emplacement at start).  Best thing to do in both cases is place the unit slightly behind it at start, with a defend tactic. 

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