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Can engineers repair damaged/destroyed bridges?


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16 minutes ago, davout3 said:

Just out of curiosity, can dismounted engineers repair damaged/destroyed bridges in the game? Or is a scenario too short timewise for engineers to realistically repair a damaged/destroyed bridge? 


The short answer is "no".


The longer answer is that Combat Engineers tend not to have the equipment or the time ("there are never enough engineers") to fix bridges.


What tends to happen in RL (and modeled in the Sim) is that the combat units make a hasty crossing where possible (using the Biber or MT-55 AVLB) and then continue the advance.


Eventually Engineers allocated to a higher HQ fix these "Lines of Communications" issues and repair the bridge (pour concrete, replace steel, resurface, etc.).


Also the average timeframe for a scenario is way too short for an Engineer unit to repair cratering, apart from say laying steel plates over the holes, or rebuild spans.


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