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4.363 Posted


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All the installers are posted in the downloads area at esimgames.com.  The bundle installer will patch the previous version (4.357).  

Thanks to the programmers and testers for their hard work!  Be sure to read the release notes for all the details.

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Lots of fixes! Thanks to all involved


Me on August 9 "Please give NVG to the BMP-2 driver. Thanks!" =  Fixed bug #11196; BMP-2: NVG option for driver 👍


and thanks also for the sexy night light for T-72B3 cockpit + fixes. Going to try it right now 🤘

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1 minute ago, Gibsonm said:



I gather I need to delete the earlier versions, since these new ones don't overwrite earlier copies, nor ones downloaded directly from the forum:




Yes, I also manually delete them before using the transfer manager to download the updated ones. Please all check the advice at 4.363 RN PDF "You should definitely delete the old versions from your Map Packages directory first," (page 7) 

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Great to see that a LOT of community feedback in the support sub-forum was incorporated into this new patch. A few that I recognized:


Fixed bug #11180; you may now delete Record entries from within the Main Menu @Mirzayev


Fixed bug #11212; Leopard 2 family: Thermal imagers no longer out of focus @Mirzayev


Fixed bug #11173; M1A2 SEP: LED lights are no longer missing from ICDU, so you identify your FCS mode @Assassin 7


Fixed bug #11196; BMP-2: NVG option for driver @Vikingo


o Improved the behavior of the turret ring area, to make it less likely to absorb extreme angle impacts on its upper "lip" @Assassin 7


o Set the default carried RPG and LMG type to Soviet equipment (MT-LB and Ural 4320) @Apocalypse 31


Fixed bug #11207; Scorpion: main gun sound FX is missing during gameplay" @BlackDeath


Let me know if I missed any so I can add it here. :) 

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