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4.363 Duplicate IDs persist?

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I've been following the guidance in the Release Notes:


The Mission Debugger will indicate duplicate IDs in legacy scenarios by coloring the "IDs" button red color more reliably. It could be missed prior to this version if the duplicate IDs were in other parties than the currently selected one. Remember, kids, duplicate IDs are the Steel Beasts equivalent of identity theft.

They’re a Bad Thing™. Be sure to check your old scenarios; save them as a new file and Steel Beasts will solve the problem for you. But you have to check them. Please excuse the inconvenience.


I open an old file, then save it in 4.363 and the Mission Debugger has a Black "ID's" tab.


I then re-open the file (new SB session) in 4.3363 and the Mission Debugger reverts back to a Red "ID's" tab.

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Not necessarily, but really the "duplicate ID" situation has probably been oversimplified in the release notes.

If the scenario is a save in progress, then duplicate IDs will exist - mainly when infantry are killed and revived by medic. This is not necessarily a bad thing, or at least we have to understand that duplicate ID's are not necessarily destructive in those particular situations. The original duplicate ID problem is when a *newly crated scenario* has them, which would be very bad as it caused infantry and vehicles to share IDs, but I think should be impossible now (or near impossible).  The main thing for the duplicate ID dialog is to catch this in older scenarios where newly created ones could have those duplicate IDs.


So, short answer - if the duplicate ID is a result of infantry being duplicates of itself from being revived, then this should be OK. 

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12 minutes ago, Volcano said:

So, short answer - if the duplicate ID is a result of infantry being duplicates of itself from being revived, then this should be OK. 


These are "new" files (or at least not the product of save in progress).


They were originally created some time ago and have been progressively saved in newer versions. e.g.:


Mission name_4268_211125

Mission name_4357_220905

Mission name_4363_220914


The duplicate IDs are not present when you open the scenario in the Mission Editor but are listed once you hit the Test button.


Also they appear to be passengers in destroyed IFV / APC, placed on the map to provide some background colour / immersion.


From memory, these vehicles were placed and then set to be destroyed.


Should I place the vehicle, dismount the passengers, delete the passengers and then destroy the vehicle?


None of them were visited by medics / revived.



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Well, just because you saved an older scenario in newer versions doesn't mean the duplicate IDs would go away. It sounds like they are originally older scenarios, and the duplicate IDs were broken at that time, and its no surprised that they would still exist. They have to be manually fixed there.  Not saying that is what the issue is, but if it is, then it is expected behavior. 


These are would be fixed by either removing the troops and replacing them, or by renaming the parent unit (with the troops inside) to some other name, then back again to their original name, or by renaming the troop units. 


Also, it's important:


There is something that I remember that is tricky about the duplicate ID test. IIRC, when you load the scenario in the Mission Editor, it doesn't automatically check the duplicate IDs except I think for the first party. You have to actually swap to the other sides in the drop down bar in that dialog and press the "Check for duplicate IDs" button.  Otherwise, once the mission begins in EXE Phase, then I think it checks all sides automatically when you open the dialog (that might be what you are observing here, or not).


(However, if this is not what you are seeing, then I will need to take a look at the scenario.)

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OK I'll disregard the Release Notes, but these units don't exist.


They are the dismounts for Bradleys that have been designated as "Destroyed".


There are no grey dots around them, no unit to delete, (unless you mean the empty parent Bradley)?


As per the post above (5th from the top) there is a vehicle "1/3/N".


But the duplicate IDs list refers to the Rifle team and MG team that would have existed within it, if it were functioning.

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OK yes, IIRC once troops are destroyed, they are all split up to be one unit per soldier. Once they get revived, they are automatically rejoined, but I think in some cases the user has to rejoin them manually (depending on distance I think). This is OK. When playing a scenario, if it is saved in progress, you will end up seeing a long list of these Duplicate IDs from dead infantry.


So, its a complicated situation. The Duplicate IDs to be concerned with are infantry IDs that match vehicle IDs (both a vehicle and infantry appear as the same unit designation in that dialog), in which case can cause critical problems with confusion between whether the unit is a vehicle or soldier (which was the original issue, years ago).

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Maybe I'm missing something.


The vehicles in question never carried dismounts.


They were placed on the map in the Mission Editor as destroyed.


They weren't hit during game play with result of passengers killed. They were not "resurrected".


I'm not sure that replacing them with other "destroyed" vehicles, in the Mission Editor will make any difference.


As I asked a few posts back am I supposed to:


1. Create a vehicle.


2. Dismount the passengers.


3. Remove the passengers (select and delete).


4. Place the empty vehicle on the map.


5. Select damage = Destroyed.


6.  Apply the degree of "burnt".


In order to remove the possibility of these phantom "Duplicate IDs" (that all relate to non existent passengers).


Or just ignore them?


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Well, not sure why an extremely detailed description is necessary (because my explanation is the same either way), but OK:


PCs placed on the map always have infantry unless you specifically go out of your way to remove them manually. You can see this by right clicking on the vehicle and selecting troops, where you can then dismount or detach them. When you destroy the vehicle, the troops still exist in the vehicle, it just destroy attached troops too. Once the scenario begins, it basically spawns dead troops in the vehicle, and here is where you get the duplicate IDs. 


If you really want to get rid of them, you could select the vehicles in question and select troops -> detach, then manually delete them all, but either way it doesn't matter.

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