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4.363 Any chance of some "non pristine" barbed wire?


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I'm unsure if its some sort of EU WHS requirement, or if the ADF is just heavily into re-using defence stores, but I must admit to never having seen so much shiny new barbed wire.


Without exception the wire I've used (and as a non Infantryman I fully admit to only having passing familiarity with the stuff) tends to be old / rusty.


Even overseas, where our NATO partners provided most of the defence stores, they weren't brand new, like the stuff affixed to vehicles here, let alone wire obstacles that have been setup for some time.


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8 hours ago, TSe419E said:

I thought this kind of wire wa made from galvanized steel and didn't rust?


6 hours ago, Splash said:


That's a fair point. 🤫


Hmm, maybe:


Modded = good old fashioned barbed wire.


Unmodded = new fangled, WHS friendly, razor wire.


Personally I'll go for the modded, rusty look, but feel free to drive around with nice shiny, reflective circles glinting in the sunlight. :)


But even the new stuff loses its shine after a while:




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Galvanized steel is just a coating.  If the coating process is not followed perfectly, you will eventually get corrosion.  Also, concertina wire puts the coating under stress.  I would imagine that decades of storage and use the coating will erode and rust will form.

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OK, for anyone who might prefer a more "mature" vintage of concertina wire, I'll attach the file below. Unzip it and copy the file into any or all of your seasonal mod folders (woodland, winter, desert, autumn). Put it alongside -- not within -- the various nations subfolders. If you want to go back to the shiny stuff, just remove or rename the file.

Before using, ensure that your combat engineers' tetanus boosters are current. 😏




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