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[Issue] No Directional Sound?

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I always had this problem with SB Pro PE but finally want to ask if someone can help me to solve it:

- Stereo sound is working perfectly on my system (software and other games)


- But in SB I do not get any "positional/directional" stereo sound at all when in the external view. Everything happens (so to speak) equally on the left and right speaker (= mono sound). There is no "direction" of external sounds at all. For example: An artillery strike goes down in the distance on my right side. The problem: It is played equally on the left and right speaker. So as a player I have no idea (on audio level) where the strike happens!

Here is the example (I am moving the camera around so that the artillery strike is either to the left or right):


Does the game have no directional sound?


Thank you!

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Hello and thank you very much for your feedback!

Maybe someone in the community can upload a video how it sounds when everything is working correctly (with working directional sound)? Here is the "Sound Test" scenario:



Just looking around (to show how the direction of the artillery strike can be heard) is enough, like in my example:




Thanks a lot! This issue is driving me crazy. My sound system works perfectly in any other software. I even tested 2 different sound cards with SB but the issue remains. There is actually "stereo sound" too in SB in my case (if a stereo file is played it seems) but the engine does not produce any "directional stereo sound" as seen in the video above.

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  • FLIR changed the title to [Issue] No Directional Sound?

Hello and thank you for your reply!

59 minutes ago, Ssnake said:

(...) mixed to Stereo in the sound engine.

This does not seem to work in my case:

The sound engine does not mix/render "directional" sound at all. If, for example, there is an artillery strike to my right, then it is played equally on the left and right speaker. The sound is actually completely independent of the orientation of the "view" in my case. Like demonstrated in this example:




The question therefore is:

Is this an issue (maybe related to my software/hardware) or is there no "directional" sound rendering in SB in these cases (since the player is in an AFV most of the time and it was not seen as a necessary feature for SB)? In the last case I could stop trying to fix the "issue" (already re-installed SB several times, tried different sound cards, and now even re-installed Windows 10 Pro). Next step would be to install SB on the PC of a friend, to see if "directional sound" works there...

Thanks for your help!

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  • Solution
On 9/29/2022 at 3:40 AM, Sean said:

I would suggest checking your pc for "helpful" sound enhancers, like nahimic.  If you have a set of headphones on, it should be pretty easy to tell it's working.

Thanks a lot, your advice pushed me into the right direction: 

Disabling the the dedicated sound card and just using the on-board sound card (stereo) solved the problem!


BTW: The dedicated soundcards (which are not working with SB) are both 5.1. Does SB support 5.1? It is still strange that they work with every other software (video player, other games, browser, etc.), but not with SB.

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11 minutes ago, Ssnake said:

No, SB Pro is still plain Stereo. Version 5 will eventually get a new sound engine too; how quickly we'll get there remains to be seen, but clearly things need to improve.

Thanks for the info! That maybe explains the problem with the 5.1 soundcards, while it is working with onboard stereo sound.

I guess sound is secondary anyway, since SB Pro is used for multiplayer with a lot of communication between players/users...

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