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Leo 2A5-DK + 2A5A1-DK Gunner access to Turm Aus switch


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I would be surprised if this hasn't been reported before, but I couldn't find mention of it so ...


The gunner in Leopard 2A5-DK and 2A5A1-DK cannot reach the Normal/Emergency/Manual switch by looking to rear-right using Mouse View. (Screenshot below; crosshair showing extent of movement).


The switch can be reached in the other Leopard 2's (including the 2A5A2-DK) using mouse view. 

It also can be reached using Track-IR in all Leopards, because the mouse isn't locked to the view.


Worth noting is that in the affected tanks, you can reach the switch if you first pan to your LEFT, ZOOM (N), then pan back to the rear-right.


Starting head position just a wee bit too far forward in those two tanks, maybe? I don't know if this existed pre-4.3xx, since I normally use Track-IR, but I assume it did. I suspect most just use the hot keys, anyway.




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Another issue that might be a bug, common to all the post-2A4 Leopards, is that the TIM on/off switch is set to OFF initially ... even though the unit is clearly ON. 

You can use the clickable switch to turn it off ... but only after first turning it to the EIN position. From that point it works as one would expect.






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