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KANIUM 16oct22 game, BALTANIA campaign, mission 2


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In the recce phase of the campaign, we stopped with this endstate:




This now deterimes the starting positions for blue (see attached planning  map) and gives starting intel on red.

The enemy Brigade, consiting of up to 5 BTGs, is attacking south.


We have one BTG detected on AoA 2 and one on AoA 3, 2 more have been detected north of the WESER river, most likely to follow behind the lead BTG on AoA2 and AoA 3.


5th BTG has not been detected yet.



We need a blue BDE CO to step up and make a (simple) graphic OPORD for the BDE as to:

- Where to deploy and the border between the KANIUM BDEs combat teams

- Which combat team gets which combat support assets 

- Which combat team(s) will be the reserve

(using the attached planning map)


RULES for Combat support:

P units can be "given" to a combat team, they are not available for other teams on that day


F Unitsunits can be "given" to a combat team, they are not available for other teams on that day.

They determine the "engineer service" available to that combat team

F1: each F1 vehicle can give a dug out BP to 50% of the combat team...2xF1 units gives a dug out for each of the CTs vehicles, handing out 3, enable an extra BP for 50% of the vehicles and so on.


F2: obvious... bridging ability...one bridge per vehicle


F3/F4: can be handed out in sections. one section enables 3km of open layed minesfields or 1km of buried mines


F51: obvious breaching assets


F54:security section fe.e to overwatch minesfields...


....infantry trenches can be added at will...


I will then break up this into scenario files for each of the deployed combat teams....and we will play the next "combat day" with these scenarios, from east-to-west.

(OPFOR will be run by me and/or nike for the games ahead)


Update: find BDE plan attached.SS_18_23_51.thumb.jpg.159eb1603ffea695f0b2554aa3e759f6.jpg



Any takers??

RO12_1 BALTANIA campaign_combat phase pln Map.sce

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NOTE to C66: use M1 OR M2 minefield...not both...




C66(STRV 122):


X65(STRV 122)


C1(STRV 122)

C11 Rooks and Kings+ BillyWaugh


C13 Higgs



C2(STRV 122)

C21Major Duck





C3(STRV 122)







C41 Kintiger


C43 Snoggy

C44 Wiglif












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5 hours ago, jsaudia said:


Hi and Welcome
If your new to playing with Kanium Sunday games then i am on kanium TS3 1 hour before so i can give you rights and instruct you on how we use TS3 and make sure you can login to the SB server

Our New TS3 address is:



Best regards

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Added the game file for tonight.


Removed some unneeded stuff.

Added the unit 5A (will spawn after the game start and have a scout time +MUNIN UAV)...the purpose is a small bughunt. In the last game this caused MUNIN to not be useable. I want to see if we can replicate this bug.

So it would be good if someone owning this units simply tries to launch and use the MUNIN for a while...



16oct22_BALTANIA campaign, C-company battle1.sce

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