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If you send eSim Games a file (email attachment)


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I may be asking you to send me a file.

You may want to send me a file out of your own initiative.


OK, splendid. A few vital remarks:




It's a thing. All incoming files are routinely scanned for malware at multiple stages, and if there's an alert, your mail will not be examined. I'm not going to find out if there's any legitimacy to what you sent. It will be tossed into the digital shredder right away.



I receive files from different people. Some are sent before I read a corresponding comment here in the forum. Some are sent days, even weeks after. I may be sick, or traveling for an extended period, and therefore require some time to investigate your case. Your forum name hides your identity, at least up to the degree that I'm willing to spend time to investigate. So, if you send nothing but a file you severely diminish your chances to receive the kind of adequate response you may be hoping for. Give me something to recognize the significance of your file. A thread URL is excellent, if the thread is not too convoluted. Quoting me may help a lot (like, if I specifically asked you to send something). If it's about a license activation, let me know your purchase order number or the ticket number.


A meaningful subject line also goes a long way. You might be surprised how many emails I get with the title "Steel Beasts", "upgrade", "question", or "CodeMeter" (or any combination thereof, and nothing else). No, really. Having, FEX, your individual order number in the subject line when it's about some license activation is infinitely more useful. If you want to report a bug, add "Bug Report: [insert topic]".


eMail is not 100% reliable.

If you send me something, I will usually respond, and be it just to ask for context (see above). It does not help if I get a response from your mail server that my message could not be delivered because your in-box is full/exceeded your quota, or some cryptic Error 554: Access denied. In our Comments form sheet we ask for two email addresses. That means two independent email addresses, you dummy!

Don't copy & paste your email address, I don't need it twice, and we trust that you can type/spot your typos before sending out a message. I need an email from a different domain, so if one mailbox refuses to deliver my message there's still a chance that the other won't. If, for example, your first email is VampireLord1234@hotmail and the other is 4321VampireLord@hotmail, guess what happens if the hotmail spam filter thinks that the license update file that you requested is spam or malware? Both emails will be blocked, because it's the same server infrastructure.

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The latest case is a no-context file with the email mx.bell.net server refusing to forward my request for clarification because, reasons.

If you have a bell.net email and recently sent me a debugLog file, chances are that it's you. Yes, you specifically. I don't know what to do with it. My emails to you are blocked. I'm giving up - until you contact me again.

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