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Unable to reinstall/uninstall

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Hi everyone,

I've deleted SBPro prevously manually, without uninstalling.

I have also now deleted all reg entries with esim or steel beasts or sbpro mentions, as well as removed the steel beasts from the program list via windows settings. However, still, when I try to use the bundle installer for latest version, it tells me its there and must be uninstalled first.

How do I proceed if I want to install SBPro latest?

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Well, never delete installed software manually and do not tinker with registry, because in  your situation  it would not be possible to find ends and not to do more harm to your system.  Basically you have two options:

a) to restore/undelete files from Recycle Bin (if they were not purged) and to run  uninstaller (\Program Files\eSim Games\SB Pro PE\unins000.exe)

b) to download and try to use SB Pro PE 4.363 Full Installer. Then uninstall normally via Windows Settings>Apps to clean-up any possible left-over, and then to install from the scratch with bundle installer, or  by downloading and installing optional components(maps, legacy maps, maps transfer tools) individually.


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You have mail.


Basically, the User's Manual describes in the section "File Structure" (Chapter "Installation") where all the data are stored that Steel Beasts creates. We do not recommend ununstalling manually, but if you do, you at least want to make sure to know where to find all of these files.

In addition, there are four "eSim Games" keys to be found in the Windows Registry since version 4.1, the last of which, I believe, is the entry that would make it appear in the list of already installed programs (so if you have deleted the files, the uninstaller can't work, but then it also can't remove Steel Beasts from the list of installed apps, so...):

..\HKEY_USERS\[some long random code]\SOFTWARE\eSim Games


As hinted above, it's best not to end in this predicament to begin with, by using the Add/Remove Apps function in Windows itself. But once that you are in a situation where this no longer works, the description above is the alternative to reinstalling Windows.

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