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A question on future updates.

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Hello! I immediately want to apologise for my “bed England”.

So, I bought this fantastic simulator yesterday, and now we have version 4.3 of the game, when the game will be updated to the 4.4 version am I supposed to buy the 40$ upgrade to get it? Also I want to know, if it is known, when the 4.4 update will come?

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We release major upgrade about once every three years, 2013 (3.0), 2016 (4.0), 2019 (4.1), 2022 (4.3). Extrapolating from that quite linear trend suggests that there might be a 4.5 release in 2025. Whether there will be a version 4.4 for SB Pro PE, who knows. I wouldn't rule it out. It might be a free update. The point is, we do not have any specific plans or a roadmap yet. Our development is a continuous process. Usually we wait until enough changes have accumulated that they justify the release of something in the $30...$50 price range.

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