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10 hours ago, Abraxas said:

If someone also wants to lead the scenario as CO, he is free to do so.


So see you on our virtual battlefield!


Best regards



I'd be happy to but would need to ask for no streaming / recording or isolating it so my voice isn't heard. The German speakers would have to put up with an Australian accent and English.

I also appreciate that this would limit your marketing approach, so I understand.


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Hi Gibsonm,

 As a CO you made a good job, especially in a German language scenario with German graphical commands. We scored a great victory with only 3 own losses!

Thanks to you and the international participants. I think we should repeat this.

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On Friday, February 10th, I would like to offer the "Gewittersturm / Thunderstorm" scenario (see "Downloads"):

- 2 tank platoons each 4 Leo2A5 , 1 IFV platoon with 3 Marder1A3 and the CO with 1 Leo2A5;

- support: 1 Medic, 1 ARV, 1 supply truck.

This scenario is revised regarding the enemy.

If anyone wants to lead, don't hesitate!


cu on our battle field!

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February 24th:

The following scenarios are available for today if nothing else is requested:

1. Stahlschranke / Steel Barrier (TkCoy 13x Leo2A5)

2. Gewittersturm / Thunderstorm (reinf TkCoy 9x Leo2A5 + 3 Marder1A3)

3. Roter Herbst / Red Autumn (TkCoy 13x Leo2A4)

If anyone wants to lead or has a special request, let me know!

cu on our virtual battle field


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I will be there.

Another czech friend of mine (@Sandy) would like to join as well.
He is a new guy in Steel Beasts, but I've already shown him basics and controls (and like myself, he is also more knowledgeable in light infantry rather than in armoured warfare). I will have him as my wingman in today's scenario.

And if @Chamurappi shows up, I would like to do a Tank Platoon Leader (we will still have 1 empty slot for anyone willing to join us, we can speak english in our Plt, no worries there).

I'm looking forward to it, see you in few hours.

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