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No video for this one.

Since I had already invested some time in upscaling and detailing the Biber template for an Australian version, I decided to offer several more flavors in an upcoming package. They will include:
German (NATO), West German (Gelboliv), Netherlands (NATO), Canada, Generic Green, Generic Desert Tan, and a rework of the default Denmark skin. Some will come with matching bridges and decal files painted by me; others will use the available stock bridge textures.













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So what im doing before im uploading the texture template is to make sure that the germans have a texture for each season. If you have any ideas on other countries let me know.. If so then I can prob ad it in eventually..

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We probably have differing interpretations of what a "texture template" is.


For me -- admittedly a novice hobbyist -- it's typically a Photoshop (.psd) file with multiple layers separated by color, shading, dirt & weathering, etc. ... for example the other texture templates provided by other eSim artists in the "Vehicle Templates" download area for community use. From these, a modder could paint, say, a different camo for the texture, retaining other useful artistic details.


What you've uploaded are several what I call "skins" or "textures" ... completed .dds files ready for use in the sim. They are, of course, excellent skins, and I would encourage anyone who wants to, to use them.


But, just so there's no misunderstanding, my pack includes my own edits of the game textures to match the German, West German, Dutch, Canadian, Danish and Australian vehicle skins I've done. Doing this involves a single-color camo .dds skin (green or desert) from the sim, changing the dominant color to an alpha, and painting my new camo under the now-partially-transparent original. It can be an imperfect process and requires some fiddling but usually yields pretty good results. Having the artist's layered PS template, of course, eliminates the need for that workaround and yields a much better result.


Admittedly, I could be missing something here.

But thank you, nevertheless. 👍



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well thats how the texture template is :) its abit old now was one of the first models i did for esim. so it might be a bit messy... but the weathering has different styles of dirt for the top of the bridge section that includes mud. and standard dry dirt.. which is good for different seasons. i understand if you dont want to use it.. but its there :)

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