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Leopard 2 Issue


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I have noticed since the last upgrade (4.363) that after awhile, 20 to 30 minutes, my Laser Range Finder for Leopard 2's and STRV 122 will not register ranges anymore.

My gunner's sight looks like this:



And stays like that for the rest of the mission.

I do not know whether I can reset the LRF or not.


Thank you,





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Looks like  LRF was overheated and got shot down for cooling (it should resume working after some time). If you fired it only once, then it makes sense to check controls assignments-both in-game 'Controls' menu, and  joystick/ mouse/keyboard specific 3rd party software(if you have such).  Chances are, that there is some collision, which forces LRF to fire  continuously  and overheat.


Other possibility-  LRF range entry  selection switch  was set to 'Manual', but it should reset itself to 'Automatic' once LRF is fired

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