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On 1/6/2023 at 4:54 PM, Apocalypse 31 said:

I'm sorry, are you the developer of DEX? I didn't know my negative feedback would be taken so personally. 



No one ever said that your efforts aren't appreciated to contribute towards gaming conversation. I follow your posts closely because I think its valuable news and good conversation. 


I'd ask you to please not confuse my harsh criticism of games with your own actions. 


No one has attacked you so I'm not sure why you feel the need to make personal attacks on others for stating their own opinion of games.


You may take this as offensive as you like, as anyone here Is free to do, Including myself. Not personal but a observation of a series of culminating events here and In MP since my presence In this community which brings friction In the end.


No I am not the developer, which has nothing to do with my standing point...


You totally crashed the dev and his product due to you´re misjudgment. Bought the game to early which Is a big mistake If you expect to have a none Issue experience, specially In EA and from a one man team. Dude the game Is now a month old!  You should know that by know, and a little bit of research before buying might have saved you some trouble. Use "altitude hold" for a stable flight, It also has "auto hover". Slight lateral Inputs for roll, nothing sudden and you should be good.


Also, comparing this to DCS Is VERY overkill, aside that the modules In DCS cost 3 times more, AND are not extent of Issues, More so some of them are not even finished after so many years, and you know that too.  Lastly Helicopter Gunship DEX does not aim to be a hardcore sim, I am sure you are aware of that but nevertheless you decided to butcher It.


Now that we know were we stand, I could see you´re "harsh" critique as treating me as a dead brain sim gamer. This goes for others who think likewise and try to Impose the absolute truth because they "think" know better then anyone else.  I am sorry to say but even for the army, having a hardcoded mindset know day´s Is a big mistake. We all know the drill, "overcome and adapt". 


I could understand to some degree a slight negative opinion once In awhile, but when It´s always like that, then you´re at risk that someone might blow up.  It´s not even a healthy social status to be In. Specially In a forum were text Is easily misinterpreted thus one should take even more care to there opinions and statements.  Let´s not also forget that not everyone here has been (or Is) In the army, or Is a walking enciclopedia of armored vehicles or tactical strategies.


We are here to enjoy our self's, and even make some friends along the way, simulators are tools, and why In the world "some" take extra effort to fake a real life situation with them, and are able to even make a event miserable for someone Is way beyond me.  This happens here and elsewhere and we all have seen It/been there. We ALL make mistakes, even the brass but It´s our duty to be better, we do so by learning from our mistakes and by listening to even the smallest of teams of which without, the bigger teams would not move forward.



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Falcon 4 + BMS mod.  Played this way back In 2000 as I stated In a recent video, although we used other mods at that time. It has one of the best dynamic campaigns I have ever played, and I am not the only one who thinks so.  Aside from that, It´s one of the best renditions to the Viper you can fly. The BMS mod has also come a long way since then, it really changed the vanilla game In many good way´s. Wish all mods would be like this!


To get In the mood for BMS, I suggest reading Vipers In the Storm: Diary of a Gulf War Fighter Pilot, by Captain Keith Rosenkranz...

ISBN-10:  0071400400

Home site:



BMS Home site:


Did I mention It´s very hardcore 😁









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Yep, things didn´t go out well. I didn´t see the whole race, saw about an hour or two, but when things like this happen, then people have the right to complain.  I fell bad for rFactor 2 which I enjoy a lot, but like all things nothing Is perfect. Do whish they get on the ball with there MP platform once and for all. Sad to see this happen...



Love the T...


DDos attacks can happen, but It´s something the org knew It could happen and should have taken measures to avoid It.



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More Battletech, day 1 buy. This game is super addictive for me 😄 Especially with MercTech/YAML. I think the DLC campaigns add a lot. I would them to go even more narrative. Let's see how this campaign is, playing as Scandinavians is nice for a change 😄



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On 1/27/2023 at 12:59 PM, Count Sessine said:

This is very good. Bought it because it is 10x better than Dovetails products.

I was Into trains when I was a kid, and built a diorama for my HO scale train set with my dad. I have good memories of those days, and still like trains today although I don´t build or have any trains, but here´s were the PC comes In 😉


Dovetail Is well, a joke as It was for flight sims and pretty much a money grab with broken DLC´s. It has the domain when It comes to train sims, but that´s just because there´s not much out there, and what´s there doesn´t have the eyecandy that TSW/TSC has. You still have the Trainz series but, they too have a weird business model.


My goto train sims are...


Zusi 3:


I have the USB dongle version, there Is a Aerosoft (version) on Steam.

To me Zusi 3 Is the most realistic of them all (for now), the downside Is that It´s basically German based, although you do get English manuals and can switch to English for the game, BUT not everything Is In English In the game.  It´s fan based (there Is a English forum) and they just keep adding things to It with no extra cost, but It´s pure simulation, not much eyecandy so It´s not for everyone. Very customizable with undocking MFD´s for use In a multi-monitor environment and Arduino support for home cockpits. Everything works as It should In this sim!





Lotus Simulator, aims to be a multi-platform simulator. By that I mean It works via modules. At present we have a tram/rails module, and a bus/streets module, and there will be a aircraft module In the future. It´s founded by one of the devs that made Omsi 2 bus simulator. Lotus has been In development for quite some time now, and at present It´s transitioning to DX11 while It´s also developing It´s building/editing tools for everyone to use, which has caused a lot of bad reviews on Steam. Lack of content due to undeveloped tools has set It back, and also It was (Is still) using OpenGL. If you add that It´s expensive, and In EA, then you get all the bad press It has for now.  As with Zusi 3, you don´t get fancy graphics, just good simulation.  Also German based and In WIP. If you ever played Omsi 2, you feel right at home with Lotus.


Lotus Simulator:






Last but not least...


Run8, Is focused more on the US side and In transport/cargo routes. You also dispatch. It recently released It´s version 3.  As with the above, a true sim but with US locos and dealing with transport of goods.







I do like what SimRail Is doing, I just hope they don´t derail and keep the mind set they have now. It fills the gap we have In Train Sims, which I am very happy for and why I also bought It.



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On 2/23/2023 at 1:12 PM, Count Sessine said:

I got into the test group on this game - it is extremely interesting. A hardcore spaceship simulator, feels like DCS. We have something to look forward to with this one :)




Oh yeah. I have spoken with the dev In some occasion. Really nice guy, and talented. I too look forward to It´s release, but from what I know that won´t happen any time soon. More like 2024, or might be In EA late 2023. But yes, best thing to come to space sims imo.

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