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KANIUM BALTANIA campaign mission 4, 272000Anov22


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We have had the recon phase, and defensive actions in the center and on the right side.


See sce threads for Info and the AARs:


Summary of first combat phase (260630Zjan22 -260900Zjan22)(campaign time): -Enemy recon screen was neutralized

                   - Bravo-combat team (center) stood their ground and neutralized Enemy 4202 BTG

                   - C-combat team on the right was hard pressed so that E (reserves) had to be deployed, together they held the line and neutralized ENY 4201 BTG

                   - D combat team only had some minor skirmishes  (so, no sce)


Current state of the KANIUM BG combat units:



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Baltania Campaign OPFOR_27nov22.pdfSituation at game time 230930Zjan22




Baltania Campaign OPFOR_27nov22.pdf

1.On the left (D combat team AoR) OPFOR has maintained a screening force, and apart from recon, has undertaken no offesive operations

2. An attack in the centre by Mech BTG 4202 has be stopped by B combat team, but OPFOR has been able to push them back 2-3km

3. on the right , an attack by Tank-BTG 4201 nearly broke trough C-combat lines, but a counterattack by E-combat team, neutralized the enemy BTG and the lines where held.


Currently the Enemy is trying to reenforce his stalled attacks to regain momentum.

4.Recon indicates that Mech BTG 4204, is trying to cross the river at (towname) with the intent to renew the attack on C team positions

5. Tank BTG 4203 is pushing to reeforce Mech BTG 4202 in the centre.

6. Tank BTG 4205, remain north of... as BG reserves...

Baltania Campaign OPFOR_27nov22.pdf



Decission A66:

C combat team: keeps defending with 2 mech+1 tanks plt, overwatches counterattack by E CT

D CT: is relieved on the left wing by O recon squadron elements. Conducts a counterattack in form of D CT IOT neutralize MechBN 4202 and relieve B CT in place

E CT: keeps up its counterattack IOT neutralize enemy Tank BTG 4201, and tanke the hight ground just south of HEMERING.

          From this position E CT will block the rivercrossing of enemy Mech BTG 4204

(planned endstate of this battle phase, marked with purple dashed line)




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E66(M1A2): Mirzayev


E65(M1A2) Hedgehog



E11 Jag

E12 Jsaudia





E21 Maj Duck

E22 Red Donkey

E23 Connaugh

E24 Irish Hussar



E31 Assassin

E32 Badger

E33 Higgs

E34 Cavgunner



E41 Kingtiger

E42 Snoggy


E44 Wiglif











Grenny / Nike(?)

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  • Grenny changed the title to KANIUM BALTANIA campaign mission 4, date TBD
  • Grenny changed the title to KANIUM BALTANIA campaign mission 4, planed time/date 27nov22
  • 2 weeks later...
  • Grenny changed the title to KANIUM BALTANIA campaign mission 4, 272000Anov22
2 hours ago, Hedgehog said:

Go with E65 & CSS

Revenant needs a clear, focused mind to implement his hunter killer doctrine.

(He just needs to spew task verbs at the enemy in a verbal diarrhoea until they surrender) :D


I'm going to apply both divergent and convergent thinking to identify and exploit the enemy's defeat mechanisms while attaining contested superiority. 

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