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Interest check to retake of "Armored Cough Suryp Delivery Rally - Christmas themed CO-OP mission"


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What the hell is -

Armored Cough Suryp Delivery Rally 

  • Armored Rally event where we escord a truck carrying "Something vital"   as quickly as possible.
  • While speeding ahead up to 100 Km/h and supressing (even destroying) enemies that are shooting back and trying to slow us down  (we will be repaired but with delay that is basically time penalty) 
  • When truck reaches finish, that is our time. 
  • Previous times we around 32 minutes mark, so this is fairly short mission! 







For those who have no idea what the fuck is  "Armored Cough Suryp Delivery Rally"   check on this topic from last year. 






So guys. If you are interested of me arranging this event.

(also possible for someone else or VU arranging this on their own time slot for their own guys for competative time perhaps)


let's discuss of the desired DATE and TIME.  I am open for suggestions.  I also am planning to edit the mission so that it would be atleast slightly different this time. 

I probably cannot be bothered to make a new rally course at this time, so this old one has to do. 


If you are interested. Write down below or hit a like. 


Ideally each vehicle would have more than one player, with atleast player driver (focuses on the path) and someone else on the gun.   Drifting with heavy war machine is great fun!


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8 hours ago, Gibsonm said:

No thanks - esp if its held at 0200.


That's the thing. Id like to find time and date that suits most people.  Though that can be difficult and perhaps impossible.  I am even thinking that perhaps Kanium would be interested of having this event before their mission as sort of warm up for those that are interested. 

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4 hours ago, JAG-11A said:

I'm up for another run!  Ideally after December 15, 2022.  

Can we get red & green livery, antlers, and bright red noses for the vehicle?

Santa hats on the TCs?


Uh-huh. That's beyond me. Best i could try to do would be to make skins for vehicles but even that would be though with time my work demands. 


After December 15th. Copy 

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