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Kanium Sunday 20th of November Swordsman REFORGER 87 Certain Strike


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Looks like Mech Inf for me as mostly unmanned - no big CO or anything as it causes  some friction if I am endlessly taking into Mike whilst wife in room watching TV. I can get loud it seems when shouting over arty and other game noise.  :-)


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Bugger ... I can see that I somehow forgot or messed up doing the last manning list update ...

Well ... allright:


0) I will drop being OPFOR to man either B1 or A3 as PLT LDR ... suck but sucks more to not have either manned.
1) @Hedgehog We are a bit pressed for manning this Sunday: Could you be convinced to take B1 - if not then A3 as PLT LDR ? I will take whichever you dont want ?

2) We still and now rather urgently need a CO for tonight


We will fit everyone tonight including all of the new guys, no worries...

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Allright I have ntaken the CO slot. I have no plan and no time to make one ... but will make one as we go. So realistic I guess to some extent:

@TSe419E Prepare to assume the mantle of PLT LDR, and find out who  will be your PLT SGT
@Hedgehog Please take the position of PLT LDR for A3 - two new guys, so I need someone experienced to lead it

@chrisreb Please if possible take the position of PLT LDR with O. schmidt as your PLT SGT

@Kingtiger Per above please see if you can fit a gunner in somewhere


Warno all:

This is my intention: We will move slowly and cautiously along three avenues of advance and coordinated so we broadly move on a front towards the enemy.

We will push up along indicated COY boundaries in teams and along three axis of advance, from N to S 1, 2 and 3. They will be integrated BGs per our SOP where TNKs or IFVs will lead depending on terrain and mutually support each other, where I will control BG 1.

Once we are have secured a phaseline, we will then push forward until contact or by my orders.

Thus securing OBJ 1, OBJ 2 and OBJ 3 and finally OBJ Tiger

Indirect will be allocated by me and per your requests, marked by type: HE, Smoke or ICM - observe than we have limited ICM capabilities, then gametime, then BG number (2 or 3 respectively). We have 3 BATTs offmap and 1 Batt of SP MTRs.

It is my intention to fix the enemy and if possible flank them without getting flanked ourselves, setting the parameters for the final thrust into OBJ Tiger when we have cleared the area enough.

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