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Best (?) alternatives to represent Chinese AFV

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I'm in the process of developing a number of scenarios using Chinese equipments, but I need the advice and support of the collective knowledge of the forum members...... 

The question is - What are the best SBPro representatives of:


- ZBD 05 IFV

- Type 63A tank (inclu ATGM)

- ZLT 05 Assault gun

- PLL 05

- Type 89 IFV


Ideally I'm after something that has at least comparable capabilities, and looks vaguely "right" (if you squint hard enough).

Any and all advice would be appreciated.


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Iv was about to upload a bunch of skins for an opfor China option, needs a little more work and the numbering of units has changed and i need to update that.  Heavy Brigade, ZTZ-99 and the ZTQ-15 light tank (charly and TAM), BMP3 for ZBD04/05 Medium Brigade ZBL 08/09 ZSL-92 and Light Brigade CKS types and support PLZ-05/07 PHZ-03/11, PGZ -92/09...a few more to add. 






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Thanks for the advice.  Only real concern/issue I have is the range of the fitted/available ATGM, but I should be able to work around that.

Have to admit that I hadn't checked it either, as it was irrelevant for the scenario(s) I'm working on.  But..... can confirm, is amphibious, though slow. And you get the normal (?) issues related to exiting the water.

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roger that. One thing that can define how easy it is to get out of the water can be the terrain editor. i have noticed on a map i made recently that the sand mud mix lacked traction and the vehicles could not get out of the water. the terrain files need editing. 

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Thanks for all that. Tweaking orbats, maps and themes to achieve needs and results is sometimes the bane of my existence.  As a quick fix, I've been reduced at times to throwing a group of deployable bridges onto the waterline, and hoping no-one asks too many questions. 

And although this is asking a lot, any chance of throwing the B-11 into your mix of skins at some future point?

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