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SBProPE-GefGem 02dec'22: "Red Tusker '22"


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I'd like to play this new scenario i'm planning for the 2nd of december (friday) at 7PM (GMT). The scenario is almost done yet.


Red Tusker is a reignforced US Company from the 1st Btn / 11th ACR.

The playable units are 1 Platoon (4x) Leopard 2A6MA2 , 1 Secton (2x) Ulan , 1 Platoon (4x) M1A2 Abrams + Co , 1 Section (3x) M3A2 Bradley ; plus supply units and Mortars and one Avanger.

The other Platoons and Sections of the US, are scripted (AI).

It's a delay eastern of FULDA. Red is attacking with 2 Infantry Regiments in this area. Of course the entire 2 regiments won't be on this map!

Own german reconnaissance units "Eagle 1 & 2" are already withdrawing along their planned routes to west.  

Duration of this scenario: maybe 90 - max. 120min


Map: Fulda 2020 (by Falli(911))

Assembling at 19:00 (GMT), start 19:30 (GMT)

TeamSpeak3 address:, name: SBProPE-GefGem, password: Abraxas


C66 (M1A2 Abrams)

C1 Sec (3x M3A2 Bradley)

C2 Plt (4x M1A2 Abrams)


A Plt (4x Leopard 2A6MA2)

B2 Sec (2x Ulan)




If we are more players, i can make the entire Bravo-Platoon (Ulan) playable as well.






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Scenario is finished.

But still I'll make 2 versions, just in case if we are not enough players.

1st ist the big version with 2 Tank Platoons +CO and 2 Inf Sections.

2nd smaller version will be with only 2 Tank Platoons + CO. The IFV's will be scripted.


Duration: currently 100min. Maybe I will set it on max. 120min



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8 minutes ago, Gladiator(911) said:

Thanks for the 1st (unexpected) test-run, even though we've lost 50% of the Abrams and 66% of the Bradleys, including my tank :P

Next time better.

I will fix the few issues in this week and if we'll have still enough players, we can try it one more time on the 2nd of december.


As I posted on the general thread - another good experience.


Having been a nice guy and taken a Bradley this week, request an M1 for next week.

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9 minutes ago, Gibsonm said:

@Higgs @Falcon


I had a look and the "unit filter" feature for the AAR that I think you were after, is only available on the Military / Classroom version.

Thank you for this information. I am just testing the "Exclude out of view events" option in AAR and it works, albeit its a bit clunky during a movement of observed tank. But in a bigger scenarios, such as this, I guess its still better than going through everything (and every artillery shell ... :D ).

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