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Hi All,

First of all I am relatively new to SB Pro, having just bought it at the end of January and I must say it is quite a sim. At first I wasn't sure about the steep entry price but I am glad I took the plunge. I am also looking forward to the update/expansion.

Forgive me if this is a common question but I searched the forum and had no luck.

My question concerns the downloadable scenarios On quite a number of them I will download and place them in the correct file location but, when I try to open it in the sim, it will start to load only to kick me back to the main screen after about 3 to 5 seconds. I have successfully download several with no problems so the my problem seems to be with only certain downloads. I have looked to the "MY Scenario" file and noticed the offending files have only the ".scn" file and not the ".pln" file. Am I using the wrong unzip program? (I usually use WinRar to extract files- it seems to open Winzip files OK.) Am I missing a map file, or something?



Edit.. Sorry.. it's WinAce...not WinRar I use to extract.

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It is probable that it is asking to use a heightmap or RAW file, particularly if it is a conversion from SB1.

You can currently embed the required heightmap into the scn file so this occurs less often with more recent files. You can either track down the missing height maps and install them into your Documents And Settings\All Users\Application Data\Esim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\height folder or ask for the file to be reposted with the embedded height map.

The second possibility, but this is unlikely since you only recently purchased the sim, is that the scenario was prepared in a more recent version of SB. You must have the same or a more recent version to open a scenario file.

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Very recent shipping has been of the 2.370 version on a CD. This shouldn't really be a factor unless it was a second-user purchase?

I am using ver 2.328 which shipped at the end of January.

The consensus is that it is a compatibility issue which hadn't occured to me but does make perfect sense.

I guess the path of least resistance would be not worry about it at this point since I suspect when the upgrade arrives the scenarios won't work with that version either?

Honestly it's not much trouble to wait considering I am on the low end of the learning curve right now and I do have quite enough to keep me busy anyway.

Thanks for the feedback everyone,


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They should work with later versions - you are using 2.328, which has been superseded by 2.370 BETA. Many scenarios require 2.370 or later to run - and the update should run all scenarios built in previous versions.

It must be noted of course that some play balance issues may occur as vehicles and infantry are modified between versions - T72 in particular and MBT in general are much tougher to hard-kill than before, and infantry can be exponentially more deadly. Just running a scenario may not be sufficient for a good experience.

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The upgrade to the beta patch seemed to cure the issue. Thanks for the help, guys.

I was hesitant to apply the patch initially mainly due to the "beta" label on it- I've had some problems in the past applying beta patches but this one seems to be one of the exceptions. Quite an upgrade to say the least. Makes me look forward to the full patch even more.

On the downside I think I just got shoved down the learning curve a little.

Thanks again,


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