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KANIUM BALTANIA campaign mission 5, 112000Adec22


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8 hours ago, Falcon said:

Thank you for a nice mission and for an interesting first experience as a tank platoon leader.


I have only a little note to the mission creator. Our platoon (D2) noticed a spawn of blue T-72 10m away from our position at D2A. This nearly led to a blue-on-blue kill as we had no idea its friendly (or how it did get there). As I didn't see it and it was my tank moving right next to it (activating your trigger zone "cap tk 1"), I spent last 2 hours searching about possible corrupted files in my SB installation and going through forum finding similar issues :D


Would it be please possible, in next missions, to use a bit different method of spawning blue units? I understand spawning might be a necessary way of making scenario to work, but maybe increasing timer in the condition (and hoping that players will leave the position before that time) could resolve it and avoid blue-on-blue and Situational Awareness issues in future. Thank you :)


Idea was to kind of "simulate" capturing a tank 😉   / and and blowing up and abandoned OPFOR tank just to be sure, could always happen ...

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